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This website has been taken over by, a leading home exchange website with over 11,000+ members worldwide. The former owner of SHEI was forced to stop the website due to serious health problems. has come to an agreement and taken over the whole website and it's members. The current website of SHEI will however be taken offline and all members will be moved to This will take a few days. We will inform all the members about the changes by email. New members should sign up with

If you have any questions, please contact me personally at

Ans Lammers
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List your home or apartment
Contact any of our members
Arrange unlimited exchanges
No extra fees, just us$ 64.50 per year
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Did you know that...
We check the identity of all new members
500,000+ exchanges established
70,000 exchangers served till date
Pure home exchange, no rentals allowed
Secure website, data encrypted